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Specific easy to use resources, available individually here
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Better Programming Made Easy  - 5 Pack - $39.99

3 All Camp Games - 1 Rainy Day Activity Guide - 1 New Program Area

The perfect way to upgrade your program this summer!  3 amazing immersive all camp games you can hand to your program director to make this summer the best one yet, 1 guide to adding a makerspace to your program options without spending any extra dollars, 1 guide to making rainy days magic.

Better Programming - Better Camp

Staff Training Starter Pack - $39.99

Get a jump on staff training with 19 sessions from Scott

Staff Training is an important part of being able to deliver quality programs. This pack contains 5 fully outlined training workshops, with handouts, activities, and other resources included. Sessions include: Behavior Management, Communication, Diversity & Difference, Leading Groups, and Bullying & Teasing. Start with the "Training Overview" document for ideas on timing, facilitation, and planning. Then use these sessions as a foundation to build your entire training on.

Make this summer the best one yet

Summer Camp Menu - Bundle - $124.99


3 week menu and recipes for 100 people

Includes... A 3 Week Menu including 3 meals and 1 snack per day A Vegetarian Menu for (20 people) A Gluten Free Menu for (20 people) Recipes for every meal Purchasing lists with exact measurements to produce the meal. Recommendations for the best basic equipment for an industrial kitchen Ideas and suggestions to get the best fresh produce at a great price How to build relationships with local food providers Items to have available in your pantry & spice cupboardMake better food this summer

Back on TRACK - $9.99


Beth's ebook to help evaluate and improve

At the end of every summer, we sit back and evaluate. We take joy in what went right and wonder how on earth some of what went wrong ever happened.Here is a tool that will help you at this time of year to take an in-depth look at the one that has passed and prepare for an even better season next year. It will also be there with you next season to avoid the pitfalls and give the very best to your campers and staff! Get Back On TRACK!

DARLING Framework - $19.99


James help staff in times of transition

Times of transition (or general gathering times - like at the Waterfront, or between activities) are a hot-bed of staff focusing on everything except the kids. They will hang out with one another, or kind of look around aimlessly, not sure what to do. But it isn't always because they have bad intentions! In this 4 part staff training session James walks staff through how to be more effective during transition times.Be My Darling!

An Introduction to Open Space - $9.99


Drawing video and explanation by Laura and Jack

A complete step by step guide to running a session designed to ask staff members what they think they need to learn and deliver personalized problem solving for each participant based on Open Space Technology. A two page document with a 2 minute drawing video.Get it now!

Making a Makerspace - $19.99


Laura's fresh take on making things at camp

Making things is a powerful tool that humans have to control and feel competent over their environment, making things is essentially the process of turning a concept or idea into reality. Using the supplies you already have, this 10 page document with help you transition from cookie cutter arts and crafts to endless possibilities.Move to endless possibilities now!

Dreamworld - An LIT Experience- $9.99


Video and 9 walk throughs by Jack and Laura

This short video describes a specific programmatic tool you can use to allow LIT’s (or junior leaders whatever you call them) to make more magical moments for traditional campers, as well as give LIT’s practice leading activities and a genuine team building experience. The magic is asking the campers what they are dreaming about doing while they are at camp! It also includes 9 walk throughs of activities we created using this technique.I want to make dreams come true

HOME Building Staff Community - $4.99


Beth on giving staff a sense of belonging

A detailed session designed to make staff feel welcome at camp and develop buy-in for the importance of creating a welcoming community for campers and staff. A PDF session description.
Let's go HOME!

Be a Hero and Engage Your People- $19.99


Video and session write up from Beth

Be a hero and engage your people is designed to help staff be intentional in decision making with the children in their care. It comes complete with a step be step write up and video for the session from BethBe a Hero!

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